Climate Action 100+

Climate Action 100+ focuses on 170 companies that are key to driving the global net zero emissions transition. Our Power and Utilities team provides a detailed analysis of 32 utility companies integral to this shift.

In this section, you will find:

  • Access to an overview of 32 select utility companies critical to the climate transition.
  • Interactive tags to filter these key companies by region and fuel type, such as coal or gas.
  • Access to Carbon Tracker's specialized benchmarks to measure each company's progress toward net zero emissions.



AmericasAsia   CoalGas

AES Corporation

Americas   CoalGas

American Electric Power

Americas   CoalGas

Berkshire Hathaway

Americas   CoalGas


Americas   CoalGas

Dominion Energy

Americas   Coal

FirstEnergy Corp

Americas   CoalGas

NextEra Energy

Americas   CoalGas

Southern Company


AsiaEurope   CoalGas

Power Assets Holdings



Oceania   CoalGas

Origin Energy

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